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A collection of videos about Rudyard Lake.


These range from Rudyard’s TV appearances, various documentaries, home movies and events at the lake.


We also have a Youtube channel and plan to continue uploading lots more, please consider subscribing.


Thank you, and enjoy.

For the Love of a Lake

A presentation about all the development and restoration projects that have been completed at Rudyard, from the early 90’s to present day.

Top Gear – Amphibious Car Challenge

Rudyard lake hosted the Top Gear team who had constructed 3 amphibious vehicles. One and a half days was spent filming the event. The crew stayed at the Hotel Rudyard.

A few ‘behind the scenes’ photographs from the archive.

BBC’s The One Show – Rudyard Kipling

Set at Rudyard Lake, this One show item talks about Rudyard Kipling and we hear the poem “IF” recited by lakegoers.

BBC Midland Today – Rudyard Lake – 10th December 2013

BBC Midland Today do an item on Rudyard about it’s importance during the industrial revolution, the lake’s heyday as well as cover work being done on the dam to replace a dodgy valve!

“The Swan” – 1990s TV spot about Rudyard.

An 90’s TV clip about Rudyard Lake and the steamboat at the time ‘The Swan’, captained by Peter Rees.

Secret Britain – The Hidden Heart

A segment from Secret Britain where Julia Bradbury meets Ray and goes for a (romantic?) boat trip.

Running Naked Movie (2021)

Feel good comedy drama following two friends’ journey through life changing events.


Cancer survivors Ben and Mark’s friendship is tested when a piece of news forces them to change their perspectives. Love, friendship and streaking.


A few scenes were shot at the lake, which we’d probably better not post here but you can watch the film on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Apple TV or Google Play.

Back In The Water – Paddleboarding at Rudyard Lake

A little video of our friend Ben on his new ‘SUP’ at Rudyard. If you fancy giving stand up paddleboarding a try, you can launch your own SUP at Rudyard and we will soon be renting them out.


If you feel you need lessons head over to our friends at

Autumn Reflections – a short film by Peter J. Durnall

A nice montage of misty morning shots taken from around the Dam.


Peter is also a photographer and has also taken some great photos of the lake, some of which you may see around this website.

North Staffordshire Railway

A great little documentary about the NSR, Macclesfield Hibel Road -> Uttoxeter with some amusing anecdotes.

Rudyard’s Evacuees by Geoff Buxton

Geoff Buxton, a well respected local resident, recounts his stories of evacuees coming to Rudyard during the second world war.

Recollections of Rudyard

A documentary made by the Trust containing interviews with local residents, discussing their early memories of Rudyard, and stories about Rudyard during the war.

Memories of Rudyard Village

Geoff Buxton recalls life at Rudyard Lake from the 1940’s.

Opening of Rudyard Lake Visitors Centre 2001

Opening of Rudyard Lake Visitors Centre 2001 by Ray Perry

Rudyard Lake Festival – June 2000

Good times (especially zap the rat).

The Lake Lives On

Rudyard Sailing Club Open Day 1997.

The Two Sams

Home video of Rudyard Lake from the 1970’s featuring the legendary ‘Two Sams’, two great characters who would row up and down the lake every Sunday for over 50 years.

The New Rudyard Lake Trip Boat “Sunray” Lake Trials!

A short video of the new trip boat arriving, being put on the lake and being tested out.  Footage by Mark Leah.

No Swimming! ⚠️ Ranger Ray on Radio Stoke (25/06/20)

Hi. I'm a volunteer who has been visiting Rudyard Lake weekly, for the last 16 years. I previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry but following retirement i enjoy the lake and its surroundings where I help out the ranger with repairs and upkeep.


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