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Local People

The Rudyard Lake Archive has many pictures of the people who have lived round the lake over the years, from the more prominent residents like Fanny Bostock and the Reverend Boothman of Cliffe Park Hall to the ordinary folk in more modest dwellings.


Where we know the people in the pictures we have added the names:

Coxon And Holmes - Colourised

Coxon and Holmes

Freddie Boulton of Shady Oakes

Freddie Boulton of Shady Oakes


Revd. E. Duncan Boothman

Rev. Boothman

Revd. E. Duncan Boothman (younger)


1900 Allan May, Travis Sandeman outside Greenfields

Marion Heath and Jane Austin

Marion Heath and Jane Austin – Rock Cottage

Portrait of Fanny Bostock c.1840

Fanny Bostock – Painting

Fanny Bostock c.1835

Fanny Bostock – Painting (younger)

Shop On DamHead

Inside the shop on the Dam head

John Cooper Boules Colourised

John Cooper playing Boules

Rudyard Ladies Football Team

Rudyard Ladies Football Team

Front Row: Ada Bell, Hilda Shaw, Elsie Shaw, Bessy Shaw, G Thomson
Back Row: F Neil, Ena Fryer, G Goodwin, Nellie Rogers, PC Jackson, Blanche Salt, L Thomson, G Bilket, Miss Hall

Rudyard Football Team 1922

Rudyard Football Team – 1922

First intake of miners at Horton Lodge

First intake of miners at Horton Lodge

Mr William Tellwright

Mr William Tellwright


Mrs Mary Austin c. 1890

Alderman Chesters-Thompson

Alderman Chesters-Thompson

A Boxing Day Pantomime

A Boxing Day Pantomime

The Wasps

“The Wasps”

Front row: Peggy Elkes, Violet Bailey, Grace Heath, Miss Hine, Mary Sandeman, Nellie Rogers
Back Row: Travis Sandeman, Dennis Elkes, Joel Winkle, Len Vickers

First intake of miners at Horton Lodge

Charlie Young

Charlie Young II

Charlie Young II

Brookes and Walker families

Brookes and Walker families

The Blue Birds – 1921

1921 Blue Birds Concert at Rudyard Tennis Club.

From left: Alice Knowles, Bert Brown, Nellie Rogers, Peggy Elkes, Travis Sandeman, Blanche Salt, Mrs Wood, Len Vickers, Dora Heath, Hildred Salt

1905 – Greenlands, Dunwood Lane, Rudyard. William Sandeman’s House

by Alan Weeks.

Having spent his working career in IT in the UK and abroad, Alan developed a passion for local and family history when he retired. Helping occasionally in the Rudyard Archive helps fulfil that passion.


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